Hiring A Malpractice Lawyer Was A Great Decision

12/08/2013 08:14

Few Years ago I had to sue my doctor. I ended up in the hospital because he made a mistake and needed some help to cover my medical bills and thought that suing my doctor for medical malpractice would be the best option.


I went to the doctor because of a stomach bug. My condition was more serious than the usual stomach bug that goes away after a week or so. My doctor prescribed a medication and sent me home. The symptoms worsened and I had to go to the hospital where I was told that I was allergic to the medication.


I went back to the doctor to get a different prescription. My doctor prescribed another similar medication without realizing that the substance I was allergic to was present in this medication too. I had to be taken to the hospital a second time after suffering from another allergic reaction. I think my doctor should have been more careful with the second prescription.


I found a malpractice lawyer with a lot of experience on the Internet. I spent some time comparing different local professionals and met with a few malpractice lawyers before hiring one. I thought that choosing a lawyer with a lot of experience and a good reputation would increase my chances of winning my case.


My lawyer listened to my story and told me that we probably had a solid case. He took some time to ask questions about details and contacted the hospital where I was taken to in order to get more information on the allergic reaction I suffered from. My lawyer had won several similar cases in the past and knew exactly what to do.


Working with an experienced malpractice attorney really made a difference. He built a strong case and the insurance of my doctor had to cover all my medical fees. I also received a small compensation I used to pay my lawyer. I felt guilty about filing a lawsuit against my doctor at first, but I quickly realized that he made a serious mistake and refusing to acknowledge it since he did not file a claim with his insurance company.


I would recommend the lawyer I hired. He did a great job with the case, was easy to talk to and obviously knew what he was doing. I feel alot better now that my hospital bills are taken care of.